Meet Dr. Wright

Meet Dr. Wright

Jean Wright

Dr. JEAN WRIGHT is the fourth of six children born in Detroit, MI and mother to one Daughter, born 1976 in Wiesbaden, Germany. Dr. Wright has always been dedicated to scholarship and is currently enrolled in Walden University’s Public Health Doctoral Program. But her walk started like most others, she graduated from Finney High School in Detroit, MI, following with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Wayne State University, Detroit, MI as well as a Master of Arts at Teaching. Dr. Wright has also obtained many certifications as a Specialist, Trial and Administrative Procedure under the US Army, a Certified Christian Counselor and Certified Health Minister.  Dr. Wright is also a Certified Medical Missionary and a Certified Nutritional Advocate.


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Dairy of a Rebellious School Teacher: Ministry in the Classroom by: Jean Wright

Dairy of a Rebellious School Teacher: Ministry in the Classroom is a new book by Jean Wright. This compelling work will show you the world of education in a different perspective. Each page will take you on journey with Jean Wright. This book is a must read!!!

Blog Talk Radio

Blog Talk Radio


For the Month of February, we are introducing all natural ways to overcome and reverse chronic disease.  Realizing that nutritious food is essential to health and healing, tune in to find out how to daily introduce to your body the 43 Essential Nutrients prescribed by the World Health Organization.  Healthy lifestyle practices regarding relationships, exercise, spiritual growth, and increased income are also discussed.  Join the blog at or email Dr. Wright at for information and encouragement. 

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